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Trail Work Sunday June 21st, Bues Canyon

Sunday there will be trail work on the  Bues Canyon trail.  Here's the info I had on my email account this morning;

TRP Brakes,QBP, the Forest Service, Weber Pathways & Ogden Trails are working to maintain Beus all the way to Snowbasin. Let's do a little more work on Beus! Meet at 8am, bring lunch and plenty of water. We'll work until 3-4pm.

Most folks will be riding bikes to cover more ground, tools will be supplied.

The message said they will be meeting at 8:00a.m. at Bues Pond Park located at 4240 country hills drv.  If your going make sure to check the info on you should be able to access the info under Weber Pathways, or Ogden Trails.

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Trail Work Saturday October 25t!

We have a couple of things to get out there today.  Tomorrow, October 25th there will be a trail work group meeting at 9:00a.m. at the top of 2750 N in North Ogden.  To get there either go up 2600 N until you hit mountain road then turn left headed North and the trail head will be a block or so on the right/east side of the road, or if you are coming from the South get on Harrison Blvd and follow it all the way north until you hit the stop sign at 2600 N, continue straight through the stop sign and again look for the trail head on the right or east side of the road.


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Trail Condidtions!

As a lot of you I have been riding quite a bit already and the trails that are ready have been amazing.  I was thinking though that in a year that has seen the popularity of fat tire bikes and good weather it is still important to remember that the trails that we all love a supper sensitive this time of the year.  I have been on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail North of 12th street for about a week and its stable for riding baring any other adverse weather.  It sounds like the Shoreline South of 12th street is still wet and should be avoided, as you guys are out on trails let us know how they look and we will post it up.

As far as trail conditions, if there are sections of the trail system that are in need of repair flip me a note and we will pass  it along proper channels or organize the work our selves if it is appropriate.  Welcome to another good year, we're excited like you all.

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Trail Maintenance Saturday June 22nd, 8:00a.m.

This will be the first in a series of maintenance and trail building sessions that we will be leading and or assisting with.  Saturday the 22nd we will plan on meeting at the Jump Off trail head at 8:00a.m.  As usual plan on bringing gloves, closed toe shoe, and water.  We will plan on bringing all the tools that will be needed.  If you have questions please give a call to 801-394-7700, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or send a message to either of the Facebook accounts.

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Beatiful Weather For Riding, Trail Work Questions?

I went for one of the best rides I've had this year this morning over on the northern shoreline.  It had just rained, the dirt was perfect, and man the smells of spring were everywhere.  I did notice something though, it appears that someone, or group of people are removing a lot of rocks on the section of trail from 9th street over to where the canal road ends.  I think these people have the best of intentions and don't understand that they are removing rocks that for the most part were left on purpose.  Some were left to make riders slow down, some were fun to ride over and in the worst cases the rocks removed actually cause bigger problems than them being left.  If any of you run into these folks let them know that their intent to work on the trail is good, its just being done wrong.  Have them get a hold of Matt at Skyline because that is our section of trail to maintain and we have lots of projects that they could help us with. I just want to make sure the trails are left fun, safe, yet in some cases challenging.

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Spring Summer Info, Group Ride, And Thanks For A Great Sale!!

Welcome to the 2013 riding season.  Thanks again for a wonderful turn out to or annual spring sale.  We set up just a ton of folks with new bikes and gear, looks like everyone is planning on a big riding season.

Group rides will start Wednesday May 1st.  We will meet at 6:00p.m. and leave at 6:30p.m. Plan on us riding every Wednesday through out the season unless there is a holiday or bad weather.  I will post any cancellations on the web site and on the Face Book account by 4:30p.m. the day of the ride.

Trails are starting to open up and be ride able as I type this.  Most of the Bonneville shoreline is ride able.  There may be a few muddy spots where it would be better to walk your bike rather than ride it.  If the trail looks muddy do everyone including yourself a favor and stay off it until its dry, damage done to trail systems this time of the year take forever to undo through the rest of the season and it give us a bad rap with trail managers.

I will post up trail digs as soon as I get them scheduled. Thanks for picking us as your bike store, we're excited for a great season.




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Trail Work Saturday The 3rd, UPDATE!!!!

It looks like trail work this Saturday November 3rd is a go with one small change. Instead of 8:30a.m. we will be meeting at 10:00a.m..  Other than this small alteration all the other details remain the same. Plan on meeting at the gate at the end of mountain road.  To get there you act as though you were going over the Divide, as you head east towards the mountain take a left on 1050E and follow until you hit 3300N, turn right or east and follow to Mountain Road, turn left and follow to end, find nice out of the way place to park and get ready to dig.  If you have any questions call 801-394-7700, or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Thanks as always.

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Thanks Trail Work

Dig was awesome this morning.  This trail when it is done will be a very fun flowing trail, contoured with berms and features that will make it challenging for riders of all different levels.  Special thanks to Eric Greenwood for digging a little dirt with us this morning.  I will keep putting up dig times so maybe we all can ride this sucker before we have snow on the ground.

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Trail Maintenance July 15th

We are planning another trail maintenance on the 15th of July.  We will be working on the trail at various points in between the ninth st. trail head and the northern nature center trail head on the Boneville Shoreline Trail.  We will be meeting at the Jump off trail head and then walking up to the sections that need a little cleaning up.  We will meet at 7:30a.m. and leave the parking lot by 7:45a.m..  If by any chance you are late, walk up the trail until you hit the canal road and then take a left and follow the road until you hit the end.  You should see a crew there that can further direct you to a work spot.

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