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Saturday the 24th, Spin Class, Bike Maintenance, Tune-Up Special, We're HIRING!!

This Saturday we will continue with the spin class at 10:00a.m., we still have three spots available if any of you want to jump in.  Remember arrive a little early so you can get your bike ready.

Bike class will begin at 9:00a.m. and will go until around 10:00a.m..  This class will be a continuation of disc brakes and will focus on hydraulic disc brakes.  We will discuss pad wear, mounting, determining fluid type and then will bleed a brake and discuss different bleed procedures.  Come through the side doors.

We are starting to see a good number of tune-ups coming through, keep in mind that our $35.00 dollar tune-up will special will continue until the end of February at which point it will return to $50.00.  With weather like this its ride time already.

We are now accepting resumes for employment.  We will hire by the end of February so bring them down as soon as possible.

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Saturday February 23rd

This Saturday we will have both sessions of the spin class.  The first session is full however, there are spots available in the 11:30 session. Remember to call ahead to 801-394-7700, send a message on Facebook, or an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you would like to reserve a spot.  Show up ten minutes early to get set up.

The bicycle class this Saturday will focus on front derailleur installation and adjustment followed by a discussion on chains.  We will identify different speeds, length, direction and then remove and reinstall a chain onto a bicycle.


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Feb. 18th maintenace class, spin class

This Saturdays maintenance class will focus on front and rear derailleur theory and adjustment. The class will begin at 9:00a.m. and will go until 10:00a.m..  We will talk about how derailleurs work and how to maintain them.

The 10:00a.m. spin class is full, but the 11:00a.m. class still has three spots open.  Classes are $5.00 a session, call for a reservation, 801-394-7700

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Spin Class, Feb. 11th

The 10:00a.m. spin class has now filled but there are still six spots open for the 11:00a.m. spin class.  Call and 801-394-7700 if you would like to reserve a spot or send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Maintenance and Spin Classes

As always thanks for a great Saturday, the maintenance class was great, and spin class turned out was awesome.  Thanks for the support and we will continue next weekend with both.  Maintenance class will once again be at 9:00a.m. and this time we will be talking about rebuilding hubs, bottom brackets, headsets which in general will give a good idea of how to approach bearing systems in general.

Spin class rocked and at this point the 10:00a.m. class two openings left, the 11:00a.m. is wide open.  For reservations call 801-394-7700.

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Spin Class update for the 4th

The 10:00a.m. spin class has filled but we still have five spots for the 11:15a.m. class and no that if this is your first time, no worries we will still be able to get you started on a training schedule. If its your first time plan on doing a fit test to get heart rate and wattage set. If you want to do a heart rate bring your own monitor. We will take reservations for the 11:15a.m. class until 6:00p.m. this evening.

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Spin Class, Feb. 4th

The 10:00a.m. spin class still has three spots open. The 11:15a.m. class has five spots available.  We will take reservations through 6:00p.m. tonight.  If you would like a spot call 801-394-7700.

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Saturday maintenance class 01/28/12

For this session we will be returning to basic maintenance.  We will discuss the proper ways to clean, lubricate, and maintain a bicycle.  Also the tools and the procedures we use on a daily basis.  We will also discuss the proper way to remove a tire, check a tube for a hole, patch a tube and then the correct installation process to get the tube back in the tire and on the rim. As always questions can be directed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or give a call to 801-394-7700.

For spin classes we also have 3 spots open the the 10:00a.m. session, and five spots open for the 11:00a.m. session.  Call to reserve a spot..

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Saturday Spin Class and Bike Maintenance Class 01/21/12

For tomorrow the 10:00a.m. spin class has one opening, the 11:00a.m.class has for spots left.  If you are interested send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I will check the e-mail for the last time around 10:00p.m and make adjustments.  This will be the cut off.  Bike class tomorrow will focus on disk brakes, adjustment, install, and bleeding of a hydraulic brake. We will start the bike maintenance class at 9:00a.m. sharp, come through the side doors on the north towards the back of the building.

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Spin Class, 14th

For the spin class this Saturday, 01/14/12, we have had two spots open up for the 10:00a.m. class because of cancellations, and there are still four spots open for the 11:15a.m. class.  At this point you will have to call and and confirm your spot with one of the staff.  Call 801-394-7700.

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Spin Class, second class 11:15a.m.

So the first spin class has filled for the 14th, because we have never been good about turning people away I checked with Butch and he added a second class at 11:15a.m. on Saturday to make sure that everyone that wanted to come had a chance.  As always call ahead and make sure to reserve your spot early in the week.  The 10:00a.m. class filled over a week before it was offered.

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Back to business Monday the 9th

I can't say that I haven't had a great vacation but I'll tell you what I am ready to get back to bikes, especially with this weather.  Crazy, no snow and January.  As of Monday, January 9th we will be back in the store for regular hours.  I'll have bike maintenance classes posted tomorrow, and the spots for the spin class are already filling so if you want one shoot an e-mail over to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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