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Saturday the 24th, Spin Class, Bike Maintenance, Tune-Up Special, We're HIRING!!

This Saturday we will continue with the spin class at 10:00a.m., we still have three spots available if any of you want to jump in.  Remember arrive a little early so you can get your bike ready.

Bike class will begin at 9:00a.m. and will go until around 10:00a.m..  This class will be a continuation of disc brakes and will focus on hydraulic disc brakes.  We will discuss pad wear, mounting, determining fluid type and then will bleed a brake and discuss different bleed procedures.  Come through the side doors.

We are starting to see a good number of tune-ups coming through, keep in mind that our $35.00 dollar tune-up will special will continue until the end of February at which point it will return to $50.00.  With weather like this its ride time already.

We are now accepting resumes for employment.  We will hire by the end of February so bring them down as soon as possible.

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Saturday The 17th, Spin Classes Start, Bike Maintenance, More Framed Fat Bikes!

This Saturday the 17th we will start our spin classes for the year.  We will begin at 10:00a.m. and go until 11:00a.m..  This first session will be field test to determine where you are fitness wise so that work outs can be tailored to you.  Plan on arriving ten early to get changed and set up your bike.  Just like the bike classes come through back side doors out of the parking lot because the front door may still be locked.

Bike maintenance classes this week will be all about disc brakes.  We will start with mechanical disc brake identification, installation, pad wear ect. and then move into hydraulic disc brakes.  If we don't finish with hydraulic systems we will push back the next class and continue on next week until we are finished.

We will have two shipments of Framed Minnesota 2.0 models in various sizes arriving this week.  Bikes that have not been spoken for include two 16" Minnesota 2.0, two 18" Minnesota, and one 20" Minnesota 2.0.  They should start arriving mid week and we should have all that are available on the floor by Saturday.  Any questions give a call to 801-394-7700, of shoot an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Thanks all.

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Cold Weather Gear Sale 35% off, New Bike Stock, Spin Trainers Sale Scheduled

So its that time of the year where we begin to look forward to spring and summer riding.  Part of doing this is clearing out areas to bring in spring/summer stock.  To do this as of today all in stock cold weather clothing, shoes, gloves, hats, shoe covers will be discounted at 35% off until it is gone.  This means there is still time to pick up gear and use it as the seasons begin to change.

By this weekend we will have fresh bicycle stock throughout the store.  We have focused on bringing in new models in all categories but have definitely bumped up the road bike stock because we seem to have a lot of interest in these models already.

The trainers used in the spin class will be available for sale as of the afternoon of March first.   Trainers will be going for $250.00 each, the mats will be sold for $30.00, and the front wheel blocks will go for $15.00. We will take reservations this year but to do so will require half down on any items wanted.

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Saturday, March 2nd

This Saturday the 2nd of March we will have the final spin class where we will do a fitness test.  We have spin classes at 10:00a.m. and 11:30a.m.. The 10:00a.m. class is full but there are seven spots available for the 11:30a.m. class.

Bicycle class will be a review of the basic maintenance class.  During this class we will discuss the process of cleaning, lubricating, and generally maintaining your bicycle.  We will also go over the process of removing a wheel from the bike, removing a tire, removing a tube, repair of your tube and then a re-installation of the tube and pressurization.

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Saturday February 23rd

This Saturday we will have both sessions of the spin class.  The first session is full however, there are spots available in the 11:30 session. Remember to call ahead to 801-394-7700, send a message on Facebook, or an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you would like to reserve a spot.  Show up ten minutes early to get set up.

The bicycle class this Saturday will focus on front derailleur installation and adjustment followed by a discussion on chains.  We will identify different speeds, length, direction and then remove and reinstall a chain onto a bicycle.


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Saturday February 16th, Spin Class, Bicycle Maintenance

This Saturday we will be having both sessions of the spin class.  The first session at 10:00a.m. is currently full however there are still eight spots available for the 11:30a.m. spin class. Call ahead if you would like to reserve a spot for the second session.

Bicycle maintenance class this Saturday will be revisiting rear derailleur and front derailleur adjustment.  We will go over proper installation of the derailleurs, different types of derailleurs, setting limit screws properly and then we will adjust the derailleurs with cable tension.  Class will begin at 9:00a.m. and will go to around 10:00a.m. followed by a question and answer session.  As always if you have questions pleas call 801-394-7700 or send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Thanks

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Saturday The 26th, Spin Classes ON, Bike Class A Go!!

Saturday the 26th we will be having both the spin class and the maintenance class.  The first spin session will begin at 10:00a.m. and will end around 11:00a.m.  There will be a second class starting at 11:30a.m. and will end around 12:30p.m..

Bike class tomorrow will be concerning cable actuated rim brakes.  We will go over the proper adjustment, correct types of pads, when to change pads and proper cable tension.  Class will begin at 9:00a.m. and will for through 10:00a.m.

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