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Saturday January 16th. Spin Class Starts! Bike Class Will Start Disc Brakes!

This Saturday the 16th we have a few things going.  Spin class starts at 10:15a.m. and will go until 11:15a.m..  This spin class will focus on a fitness test to determine where you are at so you can track your progress as the series continues on.  Each class will cost $5.00, and you will need to bring your bike, your riding gear and water.

Bike class this Saturday will start the discussion of disc brake.  I will be breaking disc brakes into two classes, the first will discuss the basics of disc brakes, brake pad differences and selection, mounting of the caliper and then an adjustment of a mechanical disc brake as well as a hydraulic brake system.  The Saturday following is when we will discuss bleeding brake system, fluid types ect.

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Bike and Spin Class Saturday the 18th, Even More Fat Bike Rentals!!

Next Saturday the 18th we will continue with both our bike maintenance class and spin class.

Bike maintenance class will begin at 9:00a.m. and  will  discuss both mechanically actuated disk brakes and hydraulic disc brakes.  We will identify, adjust, discuss brake caliper adapters, address different size rotors, and determine what types of fluid are used by different brake manufacturers.  Class will go from 9:00a.m.-10:00a.m..  The double doors on the North East side of the building, directly out of the parking lot as the front door will be locked.

Spin class will be held at 10:00a.m. for the first session and 11:30a.m..  We were under the impression that 10:00a.m. last week was full but we had a few folks that couldn't make it so there are still spots open.  Make sure to call ahead and reserve a spot for either class.

Now to Fat bike rentals.  We have had such a demand for rentals in this category that we have added an additional two bikes to our rental bike fleet to meet the needs of our customers.  We have added a medium Kona Wo to the fleet as well as another large Salsa mukluk.  This brings our total number of bikes to 4 rentals.  Make sure to call ahead and reserve a bike if you want it for a particular date because they are going out a ton.  Cost is $35.00 per day.  Glad to see people are enjoying these bikes.




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Saturday Spin Class and Bike Maintenance Class 01/21/12

For tomorrow the 10:00a.m. spin class has one opening, the 11:00a.m.class has for spots left.  If you are interested send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I will check the e-mail for the last time around 10:00p.m and make adjustments.  This will be the cut off.  Bike class tomorrow will focus on disk brakes, adjustment, install, and bleeding of a hydraulic brake. We will start the bike maintenance class at 9:00a.m. sharp, come through the side doors on the north towards the back of the building.

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Spin Class, 14th

For the spin class this Saturday, 01/14/12, we have had two spots open up for the 10:00a.m. class because of cancellations, and there are still four spots open for the 11:15a.m. class.  At this point you will have to call and and confirm your spot with one of the staff.  Call 801-394-7700.

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Spin Class, second class 11:15a.m.

So the first spin class has filled for the 14th, because we have never been good about turning people away I checked with Butch and he added a second class at 11:15a.m. on Saturday to make sure that everyone that wanted to come had a chance.  As always call ahead and make sure to reserve your spot early in the week.  The 10:00a.m. class filled over a week before it was offered.

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