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We have our annual springs sale coming up not this weekend but the next.  The dates with be April 14th, 15th, and 16th.  We are really looking forward to it because this season has been awesome so far.  The discounts will be;

1. 10% off all in stock 2016 model bikes
2. 15% off all in stock 2015 models or older
3. 15% off car racks, electronics and helmets
4. 25% off general accessories
5. 40% off all in stock cold weather gear and clothing
This is a good time to pick up a new ride or just get geared out for the season.  The discounts are especially great on the cold weather gear closing out.  Here's looking forward to seeing all of you again and rad deals on stuff,  thanks in advance for being great.
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GoPro Black Edition IN STOCK!!

So the good news is that we now have three of the GoPro Black edition cameras in stock.  The bad news is these are the only three Black edition cameras we are told that we will get before Christmas.  In all honesty we were preparing not to get any at all the way GoPro was talking about availability. If you are looking for a Black edition sooner rather than latter is a good moto this year.  We also have two of the Silver edition cameras on hand and another six on back order but if it goes as it did last year we will most likely sell out of these as well.   As always thanks and we will keep posting as the holidays get closer, especially with items in tight supply.

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