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More Cold Weather Gear, Fresh Nutrition, Rocks Trail!

With all the events happening in the next couple of weeks that will have early morning starts we just added a bunch of leg warmers, arm warmers, toe warmers, gloves and cold weather gear to stock.  We also doubled up on all the nutrition that we carry to make sure that we don't run out for you guys.

This morning I was riding up on the Northern shoreline, I started a the Douglas trail head and then headed north.  As I was climbing up the Douglas trail head I encountered about three large rocks that had been rolled into the center of the trail right on corners or right after corners.  Riding North after the canal ends above the Jump Off trail head headed back South I also came across two more large rocks that were in the center of the trail.  Coincidence, I don't know, but I guess the point is if your riding over there keep your eyes open and if you see a rock that is in the trail take a sec and roll it out of the way that way no one gets hurt.

Have a great weekend, and to all of you doing events, have fun, ride hard and be safe. Thanks

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