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Group Road Ride, July 9th

Guys looks like great weather so plan on rolling tonight.  I saw there was a  30% chance of rain tonight which is pretty small all things considered but if it looks horrible give a call down to the store and see if we are still headed out.  See you all tonight.

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Group Ride, More Rentals Are In!

Weather looks great for a ride tonight so plan on rolling out of here at 6:30p.m.  We also added another couple bikes to both the road and the mountain rental fleets, we are also renting a Salsa Mukluk in a medium.

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Group Road Ride ON, Rental Bikes!

Weather looks ok so plan on riding tonight, we'll meet at 6:00p.m. here in the parking lot and leave by 6:30p.m. at the latest.

We have started to build the rental fleet for the season,  we currently have two mountain bikes and two road bikes that we are renting, $35 a day, with limited numbers call ahead and make sure we have them for you.  As we get farther into the season we will have 6 mountain bike rentals and 6 road bike rentals.

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Group Road Ride On, Trail Condidtions.

Well it looks like barring any unexpected weather we should be looking at great weather for a group road ride tomorrow.  Plan on meeting here at Skyline Cycle at 6:00p.m. and getting ready.  We will leave no later than 6:30p.m. and hopefully a little earlier so we don't run out of light.  See you guys all tomorrow.

This Sunday I rode up Wheeler Creek Canyon to check and see how the trail sare doing above.  They are with out a question still muddy as heck.  I know because I was bummed to see super muddy mountain bike tracks coming onto the old Snowbasin road right above the Art Nord parking lot.  I don't think people generally ride muddy trails with the intent of hurting them, but man it destroys a ton of traill work supper quick.  I guess know where to ride early season and if you see folks headed out onto something that may be muddy or is block off  in a nice way explain how bad it is for the trail.  Its up to us to help the trails so we can enjoy them later. As usual you guys rock see you out there.

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Jerseys Are In, Group Ride Looks Rainy!

We are excited because our jerseys have arrived and they look good, same cut and design as last year but on time.

We are supposed to start our group ride tomorrow so of course mother nature has decided to work with us weather wise, NOT! Looks like there is a good chance of rain tomorrow so if you are planning on coming check the website, facebook, or give a call to the store.  I will post by 4:00p.m whether we are riding tomorrow and will do the same throughout the rest of the year when there is questionable weather.  Well here's to hopping for good weather, see you guys soon.

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Group Road Rides Begin, Ride Against Cild Sexual Abuse This Weekend!!

Its time to get started with the group road rides again.  We would have got going a little earlier but lack of light is one of the most difficult situations cyclists face.  That being said we will have our first group ride on May 7th, we will meet here at Skyline Cycle at 6:00p.m. and will leave the parking lot no later than 6:30p.m..  There are two groups that go out every week, we have a drop group that goes around 30ish miles at what ever pace they like.  The second group is the no-drop section, we go about 17mph-19mph and will travel around 22 miles total.  No-drop means that I am there for flats, repairs, ect. and I am the last to leave the parking lot and the last to came back or know where everyone else is, basically this section is completely supported.

This Saturday the 26th we will be helping host the first annual Ride Against Child Sexual Abuse ride.  This ride will begin at 1:00p.m. at the High Adventure Park at 251 E. 18th street. This ride is purely for fun and will be going about two miles, bring the family, bring friends, for the first 50 people with a donation of $10 there will be a free shirt and after the ride there will be free Creamies for everyone.  Should be a heck of a good time, we look forward to seeing everyone there.

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Skyline Jerseys For 2014, Group Road Rides

We just got conformation that we should be receiving a fresh stock of Skyline Cycle Jerseys.  I know, I know that those of you who have wanted them in the past have had to wait until like June or July in the past, sorry about that.  This year we decided to get our collective butts in gear and get them here so you can have a whole riding season in them.  We have been told by Cannari that they will be in on the 24th of April give or take a day.  We brought in 30 units in varying sizes to make sure we have stock on hand.

We are looking to start group road rides towards the end of April, keep an eye on the calendar as we get closer and I will make sure to post up the rides and announce them here on the site and on Facebook.  Speaking of April our first sale is just around the corner so get ready for that, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th to be exact.  Hope you are all having a great season so far.

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Group Road Ride, August 14th

Looks like a great evening for a ride.  See you all soon.

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Group Road Ride, June 26

Looks like the weather will be fabulous as usual meet here in the parking lot at 6:00p.m. and will leave at 6:30p.m. See you all tonight.

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Group Road Ride, Wednesday June 19th

Weather is looking great and the temperature should be fantastic tomorrow.  At this point I don't see any reason that we would cancel tomorrows ride.  If anything comes up remember to check the site or our Facebook pages. The only difference we have tomorrow is that Butch will be unable to lead the fast group so those going on that section of the ride will be on their own,I will be leading the no drop section of the ride.  We will plan on meeting the same as usual here in the parking lot of Skyline Cycle at 6:00p.m. in the evening and will leave no later than 6:30p.m.

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Group Road Ride, Wedensday 06/05

We are planning on heading out tonight.  The only thing we have going is that Butch is sick so the fast group will be unsupported.  I will be leading the no drop section as usual and we will be going 17mph-19mph.  Remember we meet up at 6:00p.m. in the parking lot and will leave no later than 6:30p.m..  This week I will also be scheduling trail work so keep an eye the web site or the Facebook accounts.

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Group Ride Info May 22nd, Closed Monday Memorial Day

Just a heads up about the group road ride this Wednesday the 22nd.  I will be unable to lead the no drop section of the ride because I will be training with Weber Pathways learning to lead work crews.  What I will do to make sure things go smoothly is print little maps of the route so no one gets lost.  As you guys are out there Wednesday make sure to help each other and keep an eye when you get back.  If someone is missing for a long time go back an look for them, just make sure to be safe and have fun.  I will be on the ride next week.  Remember we meet in the parking lot at 6:00p.m. and leave no later than 6:30.

We will be closed May 27th for Memorial Day, we will be here Saturday the 25th all day though so if you need anything last minute drop in and we will get you taken care of. Have a great weekend, be safe and we will be back for normal business hours Tuesday the 28th

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