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Happy Thanksgiving, Sale Starts Early, GoPro Hero3 + Editions.

First off Happy Thanksgiving, I hope everyone has a great holiday and travels safe.  We have enjoyed a great season thus far with you all and wish you nothing but the best as the holidays begin.

On that note we were talking here at the store and see no reason to wait any longer in beginning our holiday sale. The sale description is listed at and can be accessed by clicking on the calendar tab and then selecting the sale that is listed throughout December.  We have also been saving small boxes if you are in need to wrap a gift this year, we're just giving then away.

We also got conformation today that we have Gopro Hero 3 plus versions in route to us.  We have three that will arrive in the next couple of days.  Like last year we have been told that the stock on these cameras is going to be iffy at best so if you want one come in a little earlier rather than later.  As always thanks for choosing as you bicycle store we really appreciate your business.

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GoPro Black Edition IN STOCK!!

So the good news is that we now have three of the GoPro Black edition cameras in stock.  The bad news is these are the only three Black edition cameras we are told that we will get before Christmas.  In all honesty we were preparing not to get any at all the way GoPro was talking about availability. If you are looking for a Black edition sooner rather than latter is a good moto this year.  We also have two of the Silver edition cameras on hand and another six on back order but if it goes as it did last year we will most likely sell out of these as well.   As always thanks and we will keep posting as the holidays get closer, especially with items in tight supply.

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