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Tag: BST incident

Hiker Biker Incident, Southern BST!!

It has come to my attention that towards the end of last week there was an altercation on the Southern Bonneville Shoreline trail somewhere around the area of the 29th street trail head between hikers and mountain bikers.  This dispute escalated to the point that the Weber County Sheriffs were called.
As a mountain biker I understand the joy of riding a trail fast and pushing your limits.  I also understand how lucky we are as a cycling community to have the trail system that we do.  With this in mind please, please ride in a fashion on the trails that is enjoyable, but safe for yourself, other riders, hikers, horse riders or any other trail user.
What it comes down to really is that we as a group hold the future of our trail system in our own hands.  If we can pull together as a group and promote as well as practice safe trail use protocol we will have a trail system that is enjoyed by all different groups, if we don't we will begin the slow and painful process of being banned from trails.  There also needs to be an understanding and promotion of safe cycling within our own group, if you see a cyclist that is moving at a pace that is unacceptable say something.  It doesn't have to be rude in fact I think an informative position is the best.  A simple "Hey take it easy there is a bunch of hikers coming up," is enough to hopefully slow a rider down.  A statement coming from another rider is more likely to be accepted by the rider rather than someone getting yelled at by a hiker or horse rider.
Accepted trail rules around the country state that mountain bikers yield to all.  I know this can be frustrating but hey that's the way its been written and if it keeps me on the trails I'm off my bike in a heart beat. If someone yields make sure to thank them so when they think of mountain bikers they see a person that is thankful and smiling at them, little gestures go a long way in making a big difference.
Within the last year I have started to ride with a bear bell attached to my seat that rattles.  I a have found that this has made all the difference in the world with hikers.  Just this morning I was stopped by a hiker and thanked for having a bell.  He said he heard me and stepped off the trail so I could pass.  He did however say this is not always the case and he himself has been run off the trail multiple times in the past.  I think bells should be a must in whatever form for riders, whether bear bells that rattle when you remove the magnet, or a dinger on the handle bar get one and you will never look back.
You all know how much we appreciate you as fellow riders and customers.  It is this appreciation that makes me worry about the future of our trail.  Please be safe out there, enjoy the ride.  Thanks.

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