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Bike Class The 10th, Fat Bike Season Is On!!!!

The subject of today's class will be assessment, description, removal and installation of cables and housing.  We will also cover chain wear, removal, installation, and we will go over the use of master links. Class will begin at 9:00a.m. and will end around 10:00a.m.. Come through the double doors an the North East side of the building as the front door will remain locked so we can concentrate.l

Its hard to believe just over five years ago the perception of winter by many cyclists was a deary trudge towards spring with nothing but the occasional nice day that would allow us outside and away from our trainers.  It is awesome to now have the bikes and gear that allow us to ride terrain previously shut down in the winter.  I hear that Wheeler Creek is packed and ready to go.  I also know that many if not all of the resorts will have some sort of access for fat bikers in designated areas.  Welcome to another season of cycling and as always as you need us for repairs, gear or knowledge we are here.  As all of you ride killer trails let us know so we can pass the word, see you out there.

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